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Titanium Polarized Sunglasses Collection Gold TT2

Titanium Polarized Sunglasses Collection Gold TT2

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Frame: (Gold) Titanium
- Titanium is known for its strength, durability, & being extremely light weight.
- Hypoallergenic & Non-toxic: Titanium will not cause an allergic reaction or irritate sensitive skin.
- Corrosion Resistant: While some metals may rust, tarnish, or turn green over time due to perspiration, humidity, or moisture; Titanium will not corrode.
- Unisex Frame with Contemporary Styling
- Adjustable Nose Pads

Lenses: M-Nine MIT (Melanin Infusion Technology) Polarized Brown Lenses
- Brown Polarized Polycarbonate
- Scratch Resistant

- Hard Case for storage & protection

Melanin combined with the benefits of Polarization result in the perfect outdoor lenses. Whether you’re going for a short walk on the beach or preparing for a day of cycling, our Melanin Polarized Lenses provide superior everyday protection from the sun’s harmful elements.

- Melanin + Polarized = Twice the Glare Protection compared to other Polarized lenses

- Premium Polarized Film specifically designed to preserve the perception of color.

- Unlike other blue light and glare reducing agents, Melanin is molded / infused within the lens so there is no need to worry about a coating that will scratch or fade away.

- Scientists recognize Melanin as the body’s primary defense against sunlight damage

Additional Features & Benefits of Melanin Polarized Lenses:

- Sharpens Vision
- Enhances Contrast
- High-Definition Clarity
- Blocks 99% of Glare
- Blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC
- Reduces the risk of Cataracts & Macular Degeneration
- Reduced Eye Strain & Eye Fatigue
- Rejuvenates the eye by allowing more IR light to enter the Retina
- Efficiently protects the eye from harmful portions of the light spectrum


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