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Advanced Lens Technology designed to meet your Lifestyle.

Frames & Lenses produced with high quality materials from around the world.

What is Melanin?


Melanin is recognized by medical scientists as the body's primary defense against sunlight damage. Unfortunately, we lose this valuable protection to our retina as our Melanin supply is lost with age.

Chemists and Scientists have developed Patented 'State of the Art', Melanin Infusion Technology (M.I.T.), which combines Melanin with protective eyewear.

The benefits of ESP Eyewear.

  • Superior Eye Protection

    Melanin goes beyond UV by significantly reducing high energy visible (HEV) light (the violet and blue) shown to be a risk factor in macular degeneration (AMD) to the retina.

  • Enhanced Vision

    Melanin’s progressive filtering of violet and blue light affords the wearer increased contrast and enhanced vision. In addition, lenses with Melanin improve contrast while preserving natural color.

  • Eye Comfort

    Perhaps the most obvious experience from using lenses with Melanin is the absence of eyestrain in bright sunlight areas. Wearers do not have to squint – even in bright sunlight.

Multiple collections, Complete solutions.

Functional Solutions that tackle everyday problems: 

  • Indoor Blue Light Protection

    Our High Definition, near clear lenses, offer everyday protection against damaging blue light.

  • Polarized Sunglasses

    Melanin combined with the benefits of Polarization result in superior everyday protection from the sun’s harmful elements.

  • Driver's Choice Lenses

    These lenses combine the benefits of Melanin with a light-yellow lens to provide the user with reduced glare from oncoming headlights and road surfaces.